Our elegant Boston range comes in modern, neutral colours and has a soft vertically woven finish, ideal for tranquil bedrooms and relaxing living areas.

The Boston range features a UV stable solid white backing, which provides full blockout for light, privacy and sound reduction.

Customise your blinds with your choice of bottom rail, chain and chain control colour and finish.

Free fabric samples

If you require Fabric Sample swatches to be posted to you, please use the button below.

Boston II - Charcoal

Colour:  Charcoal

from $92.40

Boston II - Chinchilla

Colour:  Chinchilla

from $92.40

Boston II - Dawn

Colour:  Dawn

from $92.40

Boston II - Grey

Colour:  Grey

from $92.40

Boston II - Linen

Colour:  Linen

from $92.40

Boston II - Marshmellow

Colour:  Marshmellow

from $92.40

Boston II - Mist

Colour:  Mist

from $92.40

Boston II - Monument

Colour:  Monument

from $92.40

Boston II - Quartz

Colour:  Quartz

from $92.40

Boston II - Shark

Colour:  Shark

from $92.40

Boston II - Silver

Colour:  Silver

from $92.40

Boston II - Stone

Colour:  Stone

from $92.40

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