Screen Blinds

Our screen blinds provide privacy whilst still allowing light to enter your home making them perfect for bathrooms and street facing windows.

Proudly manufactured in Melbourne, our screen blinds provide a contemporary means to reduce the sun's heat and harmful UV. They keep your home cool in summer and protect your furniture and décor from sun damage.

Our wide range of colours, including two tone weaves, plus customisable finish make our screen blinds suitable for any home from new builds to classic styles.

Whether your interior styling is Skandi, Coastal, Industrial or Traditional, you'll find the perfect screen blind to suit.

Free fabric samples

If you require Fabric Sample swatches to be posted to you, please use the button below.

Screen blind - Beige

Colour:  Beige

from $59.40

Screen blind - Beige & Grey

Colour:  Beige & Grey

from $59.40

Screen blind - Black

Colour:  Black

from $59.40

Screen blind - Black & Copper

Colour:  Black & Copper

from $59.40

Screen blind - Black & Grey

Colour:  Black & Grey

from $59.40

Screen blind - Charcoal Grey

Colour:  Charcoal Grey

from $59.40

Screen blind - Grey

Colour:  Grey

from $59.40

Screen blind - Super White

Colour:  Super White

from $59.40

Screen blind - white

Colour:  white

from $59.40

Screen blind - White & Beige

Colour:  White & Beige

from $59.40

Screen blind - White & Grey

Colour:  White & Grey

from $59.40

Screen blind - White & Pearl

Colour:  White & Pearl

from $59.40

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