Vibe is our heaviest and most practical range. With a durable matte PVC finish, Vibe provides 100% blockout and is also 100% waterproof making it easy to clean and perfectly suited to holiday homes, rental properties and young families.

Choose from a range of modern neutral colours to complement your home's interior and finish with your choice of bottom rail, chain and chain control colour.

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Vibe in Porcelain

Colour:  Porcelain

from $63.80

Vibe in Pure

Colour:  Pure

from $63.80

Vibe in Spirit

Colour:  Spirit

from $63.80

Vibe in Stone

Colour:  Stone

from $63.80

Vibe in Storm

Colour:  Storm

from $63.80

Vibe in Surf

Colour:  Surf

from $63.80

Vibe in Terrace

Colour:  Terrace

from $63.80

Vibe in Tundra

Colour:  Tundra

from $63.80

Vibe in Umber

Colour:  Umber

from $63.80

Vibe in Whisper

Colour:  Whisper

from $63.80

Vive - Alloy

Colour:  Alloy

from $63.80

Vive in Birch

Colour:  Birch

from $63.80

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